Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You Are Coming Home When?

When Derek was called to the Indiana, Indianapolis Mission....I was like OK that is cool.
His good friend had just got his call to Kentucky and so they would have stories to share,

We you arrive at the mission training
You are assigned a group who is your district and another that is your Zone

Elder Derek liked the group he was with,

In the past couple of weeks we have received up dated pictured. And with each picture I can not wait to see what he looks like when he get off the plane.

Derek had a great week and here is his letter :

mom you are really funny but i do have alot to tell you! so my weekend was really good with elder Cristoferson and elder Costa and Elder Lancing. it was so good! elder Lancing talk alot about obedience. it was really good and how because some obedience missionaries his mom and dad joined the church. and then elder Costa talk about when he joined the church he said when he was 11 he help elder build a church and the elders came to his house to teach his family. and the taught about FHE and his father didn't like that he said that that church wants me to be a bad father and only have family night one time a week when we have it 7 times a week! so the elder left and 10 years later yes 10!!! the elder came back to the house and the father answered and he said i already know about your Church you come along time ago. (by the way that father had been asking other churches alot about families after life and wasn't being told what he wanted to hear) so when he told the elders that he didn't want to talk to them one of the elders said well we have a new message. what is that asked the father. and the elder answered your family can be together forever... come in come in said the father. and the family was baptised like 3 week later everybody but elder Costa. he lived in a city far away. but he came back to visit and his father was now the ward mission leader. and was havering the sister come over alot. and elder Costa just said dad your crazy. but he heard a little bit of what the sisters were saying and when he left to go to a friends house she stopped and was think what if it is true? so he went home and asked his mom for a history of the church book and he read it and prayed about it all night!!! and then he was baptised 2 days later. yes two day. it was a really cool story i liked it lot. i hope that you can read it. because i was typing really fast... well fast to me.:P and then Elder C just had us ask Qs it was alot of fun. i like it alot. we got so see alot of people this week like we got to see paul two times. and bro foo and the guy that he wanted us to teach are going up to Carmel because that is were the guy lives. you so now ya. i dont come home on the 6th of may now... now i come home on the 4th of may. have a good week and get love Elder Burgess

I can't wait to see Derek stepping off the plane. He will be pleased with the work he has done for so many in Indiana. Love Ya Bud!

I look and think...not only is my baby all grown up, He has grown so much in the gospel.
and today February 23, 2010 he only has 70 days!


Lene said...

Okay why am I confused and thinking he was coming home in April?!?

Lourie said...

Wow! Now for me 70 days is short, but for you I am sure it will feel like forever. How must it feel for our Heavenly Father as he waits for our return.

Connie said...

I'll bet you are down to counting minutes {shhh, I won't tell, 'cause I did that}.
I don't think anyone can even begin to understand this anxiousness that is within a mom of a missionry unless you have had a missionary. May the days be swift dear sister.

Kayleen said...

I am so glad that he is doing so well! He looks amazing!!!

MaryRC said...

i love conversion stories... mine is kinda funny, i get a laugh in church when i tell it... i only hope people forget so i can tell it over and over again..

Julie said...

Did he happen to serve in the Noblesville area? My sister lives there. It would be fun if he'd met them.