Thursday, September 18, 2008

OK...enough is enough!!
I have really been relating to Maxine lately... and let me tell you why...

If I could have my way I would have this fan in my bedroom.

So, here is how I will tell the story, thank goodness my dear husband doesn't blog.

The other night I put the fan in the window to blow some "cool" air into our in Idaho the evening cool down enough that it makes it very big deal right... so I put the fan in the window and the husband informs me that it is only 50* outside and it is making the room to cold to sleep in...I am thinking to myself that it is at least a 100* in our room. So, I take the fan out of the window, and put it on my dresser so it is blowing on me...D/H covers up with an extra blanket and doesn't say anything more. Pretty soon I have stripped down to my "nothings" and have thrown the sheets off my side of the bed, laying their spread eagle with the fan blowing on me, of coarse through all of this I have tossed, turned and cussed alittle along the way...I feel myself finally start to dose off, and D/H pipes in...are you comfy, as he pulls another blanket over himself...and I answer..."I AM NOW"....AUUUGGGHHH!

While I am on the subject...what the... happen to my perky little Ta-Ta's??? While laying under the cool fan that night I realized that my "woobies" have totally disappeared! Oh Yea...SEXY! I even looked to see if they were hanging out under my arm pits nope...they are just plain GONE! and speaking of gone...What is the deal with the Wind...yea you know what I am talking "fluffers" hardly ever smell, and now I can peel the paint of walls! I wish it was only at home that this would happen but it is really sad when you are walking down the isle and every child you pass is having to have their diaper checked...oh yea and while I am on the subject of diapers, I never could understand why they had "Adult Diapers"... I have as much fun now with the dear husband as when we were first married and head for the fem/hyg isle...NOW though it's anybody's guess who those diapers are for!!! So, I guess maybe I'm not as much like Maxine as I am an old worn out Sump Cooler... Well, I am off to see how many blankets I can find for Kirk before I try to go to bed!


Jan said...

I understand the power surges. I was so hot last night, that I put the fan on too, and then opened the french doors. It was near 40 degrees too. It will never end. Ta Ta to the Ta Ta's. Hilariously sad.

Troy and Brittany said...

This post made me laugh so hard, after slightly choking when I realized you meant your real ta ta's not something else. Oh wow, too funny!

countrygirl3031 said...

Oh know I can relate! As for the adult diapers..Glenn laughed at me the other night, when I coughed and had to cross my legs...I HATE GETTING OLD!

BTW, Glenn covers up with 5 blankets...hehehehe!


Lene said...

Ok I love you Sis - but really way too much info!

Did you and Josh have fun?

Janiece said...

Lene...I know to much info...I keep thinking I should delete it, but this is my life..hehehheehe
Yes, Josh took me to lunch at the little Chinese place on Main Street. What a sweet son.

Mikki said...

(gasping for breath) Oh my gosh, there are tears streaming down my cheeks from the laughter here. I don't think I have laughed this hard at a blog post ever. EVER!!
I came by way of your sisters' blog, and I'm so glad I did. Thanks for the laugh. I am quickly gaining ground on all these little joys of growing older. TMI?-maybe, but I think your just telling it like it is!

Bren's Life said...

Oh Don't even delete this! This is the funniest post ever. I was talking to my mom & reading this at the same time & started busting up laughing....
I don't know how I missed this when you first wrote it.. You just crack me up. Looking for your Ta Ta's...
I SO know the hot flashes at night though. I wish I could say it was 50' in my bedroom at night here in AZ. Doesn't happen ever!!!
Your just too funny! I love it..

Connie said...

I came to your post via your sisters blog, mostly out of curiosity. After reading that post I wondered how someone in Idaho could be living my life here in western Washington. My body is also doing weird things with sweat glands, excess gas, and disappearing ta ta's, although mine haven't left, they have slid down south.
Thanks for the laugh.
I also signed up to be a follower.
Stop by my blog sometime and say hi.