Friday, August 20, 2010

Cassia County Parade 100 years

I love a good country parade! My favorite...the color guard.
I love watching the flag as it is carried by the different armed services.
It is humbling and aways gives me a great piece of that is a oxymoron.This is Cassia County's 100 year celebration of the fair and parade.
So they had several of the OLD and new police carsBut, this was my FAVORITE thing...

I got to take Celes to watch the parade, OK I watched and she slept, but none the less I got to be with her.
Do you have a community parade? Do you go? What is your favorite part?


Lene said...

Love the parade and I love her little faux hawk

MaryRC said...

yep you were in the best spot at the parade. i love the colorgard too, i get choked up every time.