Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Christmas this year was so much fun! With all of our children home for the day, my granddaughter Celes celebrating her FIRST Christmas and my sister 'Lene and her family here  I do not know how it could have been any better.
Christmas Eve 2010 we started our evening off with the Oakes family joining us for our annual evening of finger foods, treats and wassail and traditional game of Christmas Bingo.
It was a fun evening and I believe everyone was in bed and asleep by 11pm!
 Christmas morning was full of excitement
and LOTS of wrapping paper!
It was wonderful to have all of our kids home in the states!
Josh, Ali and Celes arrived before I was awake so they could be here to enjoy the morning with everyone.
Children laughing and getting so excited....it was Awesome!
Sweet Celes was all about opening tearing the paper off her gifts!
Her favorite was her Sassy bouncer. I might have to add more pics of her playing in it.
We have been trying to add as many of Sergio's Argentine traditions as we can.
Where he and Kira  lived in Tucuman at midnight Christmas Morning the have a
HUGE...I mean HUGE fireworks display.
Midnight in Argentina is 8:00pm here in Idaho....
let the NEW TRADITION begin!



I'm so happy that this was a wonderful Christmas for YOU!!!
A new Heart, family and so much love!!!
deb :)

mommy nurse said...

Merry Christmas to your WHOLE family and may the new year bring you tons of new memories and traditions!