Monday, December 27, 2010

Most of December In A Nut Roll

WOW it has really been a while between my blogs, we have had so much fun this month. is most of it.

There is a home in an area of Southern Idaho called the South Hills.
There are a row of beautiful homes up this mountain.
So, on our way to get our Christmas tree
I LOVE stopping at one of the homes as it is affectingly called "Royland" 
that has a HUGE Christmas Display.
 I enjoy seeing BULL, the camel. He is only there during the month of December.
 Kira was pretty excited to see him too. He will walk right up to you.
 He REALLY liked Kira...Sergio not so much, and I do not think Sergio was that fond of him either.
 I must admit there is nothing like a camel blowing in your ear!!! Very freaky!!!
 This home has so many displays...
 And who says the tree lights have to be little twinkling ones?
Everything you can imagine lights this area.

 after out stop at Royland we went up past Magic Mountain to find our Christmas tree.
You really wanted to stay on the trail that others have made or you will be
at least to your knees in snow.
 After we spent A LONG TIME looking for the one we wanted...Kirk climbed in to get it.
 While he was busy doing that, Kira and Sergio were busy having a snow ball fight!
 I just tried to stay out of the way of a falling tree and snow flying everywhere.

 Kirk and Sergio carried it to the truck (yes that is the top of our truck in the plowed parking area)
While Kira and I huffed and puffed behind them.
 Also  that week we went to Salt Lake City for my Clinic Visit.
Which went really well.
We could hardly wait to go to the LDS Salt Lake City Temple
to see the Christmas lights and displays.
This one sets inside the large reflection pool.
 I was so happy that Kirk was able to go with us.
 I wish this picture would have turned out better. The temple grounds near the Tabernacle is set up with a life size Nativity, Shepard's and Wise men.
I usually have tears as they play the music of the angel's singing at the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
and the light shines on Mary, Joseph and the babe.
 It was an amazing experience to watch Sergio see in real life those things he has only seen in pictures.

 After watching the Nativity Story...we went up to see the Thorvaldsen's Christus.
Tears again were very close to the surface.
But, this view made the tears flow...
I turned around to look out the large window that looks toward the tabernacle and
the Nativity story was being told again....
and this is what I saw....The reflection of  the Christus...above the manger.
Amazing and Humbling
 What a evening it was.
 Before starting our 3 hour drive from SLC, we stopped at CROWN BURGER...Oh Yea BABY!
and...because of the storm that blew in as we were driving it took almost 5 5 hours to get home!
again I was so grateful Kirk was driving!
What a fun week we had.


Liz said...

Watch out, Camels spit!

I've never had a live Christmas tree and love the smell of them, I want one badly.

Because I had such a bad cold these past few weeks, we missed out on visiting the temple grounds. I love the spirit felt there, thanks for sharing your great pictures!

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