Monday, December 6, 2010

Chirstmas Project

After last year making gingerbread houses at my sister in law, Pennie's,
I really wanted to start the tradition at our home too.
So, on Thanksgiving when Pennie was here and my niece, Sydni they baked gingerbread houses for us. It took us a week to get everyone to our home at the same time to decorate ...
But it was OH So worth the wait.
It was great.
 Ali went right to work and I believe had the first house that was standing.
Josh was supervising....
 Miss C was more interested in her bottle and wanted to go to sleep than watching.
 Sergio really enjoyed another one of our Crazy American Holiday Traditions...
His house was rock solid where Kira's kept wanting to fall down.
 She did get it to stand and stand strong it did...
 At the end we had some pretty cute gingerbread houses to display.
 This is Sergio's check out the flowers....very cute.
 and Kira's with the brick lines and awesome it

 Ali and Josh's is awesome with her peppermint roof and Christmas Tree by the door.
Derek's house was NOT going to let the roof stand
and If you might notice there is not a picture of my house. I was having crazy troubles too.
But Derek and I are going to work on ours this week and show off some SWEET houses.

The next Project that Kira and I did this week was make our Nativity sets

My Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus Stands about 12 inches tall.
I think I like how they turned out. (Sorry about the flash glare)
Kira's set is about 8 inches tall. I really like her baby Jesus' expression and the detail Joseph's robe.
So, the dining table has been covered with different projects this past week.
and with the wonderful Christmas music in the background it has really helped to usher in the season.


Lene said...

Love the houses!

Cute nativity sets. Did you cut them yourselves?


Nice Christmas banner and I've had problems also with the houses staying together when Grand daughter and I have made them.
Very cool ones!
Believe is one of my favorite words, along with JOY!!!
deb :)