Monday, December 6, 2010

What I Really Love

about Christmas

Nativity Sets

I have been collecting them off and on for a while now.

This is my newest collection from Seagull Books.
It is just plain cute.
 My Sister, Lene gave me beautiful one.
 and my sister in law, Karen gave me this when I was in the hospital last year.
 Though I do have my sets through out the house, even the kitchen...
I like to have the largest collection in the family room so I can enjoy them all together.
 This little family comes from an "Advent" countdown, but it has been kid handled over the years
and the best is all that is left.
 This is my very first set, They were from a Home Interior Party from the 1980's.
It is really a neat set, numbered and everything.
Celebrating Home ~ Formerly Home Interiors and Home and Garden Party
 This is the Willow Tree ornaments called Holy Family.
 I keep this little one up all year it came with Kira from Argentina.
 along with this one.
 Yep, what I really love about this time of the year is
I can display ALL of my Nativity Sets.
What is your favorite thing to have around for the Christmas Season?


Connie said...

I love all of your nativity sets. They add such a wonderful feeling for what the true meaning of Christmas is. Thanks for sharing.

Jemma said...

I just got my very first nativity! It was a special moment. Eric was the one that suggested we get one, and I thought "WHOA! I don't have one of those?" because living at home, my mom had TONS! lol anywho, I'll have some pictures of my festive home posted soon!

Lene said...

I still haven't put mine up. And I didn't give the the beautiful set, Mom did. I have just had it for safekeeping. Also too bad you got yourself that set from Seagul...because that WAS going to be my Christmas gift to you.

Josh and Ali said...

I'll take it Lene! Just kidding! I love nativities but we didn't have one until my mom gave me the one that we had growing up because she got a fancy one.

Kelley said...

I love nativities, too. Especially the oldest, most scarred and beloved.

AND I love your snow! How on earth...