Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our New Roof

We had a beautiful tile roof... 20 years ago...
We have debated for a couple of years of if we were going to replace the tiles, put down an asphalt roof or a metal roof.
But, the time had came to quit talking and get the project done.
With a LOT of help from FAMILY and FRIENDS
the tiles came off.


David and Josh
(note the color of the tree in the background)

Don and Kirk
Sergio and Josh

After the tile was off and new boards, insulation and tar paper was placed down,
we had to wait for our metal to arrive ( we had problems with our order)
and when it arrived we were grateful because a storm was to arrive in the next day.

It rained off and on in the morning...and then the storm moved away from our home.
(Kira and I went to town and it POURED on us.
I was sick to think that Kirk and Sergio were not being able to roof in all that rain and the damage that was being done to the material that was down.)
When we arrived at the house, there was very little sign of any rain falling on them. Kirk said it had sprinkled for about a minute and that was it.
Again with help from family and friends... and Kirk and Sergio spending 2 days none stop...
The roof  was done...
Well, almost...we are still missing the metal trim,
 but if it rains I don't have to worry about it raining inside the house too.

So, it looks like a metal roof, defiantly not an old world tile roof, but it is nice.
And the tiles...
We might sell them, but I think we will use them along the river to help with holding our bank in place.
It will be interesting to see how much of our river bank is gone after having flood level waters most of the Spring. The river will drop during the winter and will show us what work will need to be done.
What do you think?
Do you like metal roofs?


Kelley said...

We have a metal roof on the townhouse we're leasing here in Manila. I LOVE to hear the rain on a metal roof. Plus, it reminds us of the Li'l Dutchgirl, our RV. It's wonderful to nap on a rainy day.

SAYDA said...

What a beautiful roof! I bet the rain WILL sound awesome! So happy for you that you got it done.

Walt and Eileen said...

Well, actually I like tile and wood roofs better. We had to replace our wood roof while we were on our Guatemala Mission with just shingles. I miss our wood roof...but oh well...
I hadn't thought about the sound of rain on the metal. I would love that.
What a super crew you had!
Love, Los Petersen - Walt y Eileen
San Salvadort

Lene said...

It will be strange not to see your tile roof....IN A WEEK!

Most Happy Girl said...

Our current house has one of those very ugly white membrane roofs. We helped my in-laws put on a new roof (changed the roof from an almost flat to pitched roof), and they did asphalt shingles. It's beautiful. My parents lived in a house with wood shake shingles for about 15 years, and we loved it, though my dad got very tired of replacing shingles. We have a cabin with a metal roof. I love the sound of the rain on it.

My thoughts: anything is better than a leaking roof.

Brendan Gertner said...

Whoa, good thing a lot of your family members helped you finish the roofing project. The repairmen probably got scared because it suddenly got dark. LOL! Your roof looks really fresh, and it brings a cleaner look to your home. Metal roofing is always better than shingles. But the choice still depends on the owner's preference.

Lino Kosters said...

I like how this one turned into a family project! At least that way, you can stand the stomping of feet on your roof. The aged-look of your old roof is a loss of sorts, but the new look suits well.

Terry said...
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Adam said...

I, too, prefer metal roofs! Just as Terry said, they are lightweight and much more affordable. They’re also a lot easier to clean because virtually nothing sticks to them. A metal roof can also help save on insulation, since metal absorbs heat even in the winter, so that should keep the insides of the home warmer for longer during the coldest seasons.

Adam Waterford

Danielle Bailey said...

While tile roofing is being used worldwide as fire safety and long lasting roofing material, this kind of roofing material must be inspected for cracks or leaks from time to time, and it should not be walked on as much as possible, unlike metal roofs that are highly durable and require little or no maintenance at all. Furthermore, metal roofing can be applied over old shingles, making it easier and cheaper to install. So, good choice of roofing material!

Mary said...

You're in a very bad situation back then. It must've been hard for you to finish the roof because the rain was very unpredictable. But, you manage to pull it off and finish the roof. That's the most important part of it. So, how is it now? Have you changed your roof again, or have you just changed the color of it?

Mary Martin

Joanne Barragan said...

It’s better to use those old tiles on the riverbanks. They will be very helpful and I think they are heavy enough. I thought the rain will be heard more inside the house because the thick tile roof was gone. But looking at the metal roof, I think it is thick enough and designed to minimize the sound of rainfall. And Josh! That was a pretty awkward position on the roof! Gotta be careful next time ;)

Joanne Barragan