Saturday, July 19, 2008

Homemade Fresh Potatoes and Peas

Kirk plants and takes such good care of our garden each year. Each evening when he gets home from work he spends at least an hour out in it. Pulling weeds, watering, and I believe secretly talking to it.
With the growning season a bit messed up in Idaho (we had snow in June!) we wondered if we would even get anything from our garden.

Tonight for dinner, he came in with our first profit from the garden, he proceeded to make homemade fresh potatoes and peas. OH MY GOSH, can I tell you, I could have ate several bowls of it.
I have said for the past 27 years that I married him because he was such a good cook, and he married me for lower car insurance.
Well, the proof is in the bowl. I wish I could send the aroma to you. He is a "dump and taste" kind of cook so the recipe would be:

boil fresh potates
add peas
boil with milk and make a flour rue.
Salt, pepper to taste


linda said...

How lucky to be married to a man that cooks!

Your garden looks beautiful and I still can't get over the water pratically at your doorstep! We are looking to make a move within the next 1-2 years and living on or near the water is a must.

Janiece said...

there is nothing like it!

Jan said...

That looks so good and brings back some great memories. I am going to have to make that. I forget about that dish. I have red potatoes too.
It is pure comfort food.

Great garden and nice of your hubby to cook for you. I like that.

Have a great day tomorrow.

Bren's Life said...

You have a beautiful garden. I love all the trees too..

Lene said...

I sure miss coming up and seeing the garden this year. Kirk has the most beautiful garden - EVAH!
Potatoes and peas sound yummy. Ham and I would be very happy. Everyone else would have to have cold cereal!