Thursday, July 17, 2008


Kirk thinks flowers are a waste of money...and I could have fresh flowers in my home everyday.
But this is what showed up at my front door. Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!

Blue Roses...They are so pretty and unique.


Lance and Becca Pincock said...

My mother and I had a wonderful time looking around your blog. I might just have to send my sweetie some blue roses one of these days. We also thought that the count-downs of the side of your blog were hilarious.
My mother wanted to send you and your husband a Happy Anniversary. She had a good time reminiscing about how much she loves you. I, as well, had a delightful time telling her about all the help you gave Josh and I with our Family History extravaganza. Pres. and Sis. Jones could not believe we had gotten all of the photos, it must of been so much work...hehehe.
Anyway, Happy Anniversary and I'll be seeing you around the digital world!
Lance W. Pincock

Lene said...

Wow - those are really beautiful.
What a sweet husband you have!;P

Anonymous said...

congratulations!!!! and many more...



lelly said...

happy anniversary! the blue roses are quite unique (i've never seen them.)

thanks for stopping by and commenting at amuse-bouche! i can't wait to watch your blog grow :)

Tyler & Terrah Harper said...

Hi! My name is Terrah Harper, and I found your blog through Jeanne Putnam's.

I noticed that your son is serving in Indiana. I served there in 2005. Which area is he currently in?

Janiece said...

Derek aka: Elder is serving in Angola right now.

linda said...

Happy Anniversary to you! We just celebrated our 28th in June.

The blue roses are magnificent!

Bren's Life said...

I have never seen a blue rose before! That one is gorgeous.. How pretty. Happy Anniversary!