Monday, July 14, 2008

Lov'n Life

How can you not love this view

The Snake River

My piece of Heaven


Bren's Life said...

Oh that just looks so relaxing & beautiful.. When can Lene & I come stay with all our kids? hee hee
It's nice to meet you. I love your sister to pieces. She has become such a good friend to me & we haven't even officially met yet..

The Calls said...

I love your blog. Idaho is behind compared to big cities. is a piece of heaven. I love raising my children here. I will be leaving you lots of comments now.
Love, Sayda

Lene said...

I sure missed getting to come up and play in that backyard this year.
Bren and I will bring our 9 kids up next summer to play. How does that sound?

Janiece said...

I say...bring them on....
Just let me know so I know when to take a trip ...k
Thanks for the posts I feel so special!

linda said...

OK...I'm jealous now! That view is exactly what I'm looking for. Just don't know if I could take the cold Idaho winters!?!

Jan said...

That is a breathtaking view for sure. I love the snake river. To look at anyways. I have many many friends and relatives that live in Idaho. It is a great place to be.

My parents just returned from Twin Falls and Rupert. My dad attended his 60th class reunion.

I see you have 2 out on missions. That is such a blessing. Our son returns in 4 months. We are so excited to have him home again. I just hope he has a plan :)

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. I know Bren and Linda, so I assume you must go to them as well, so I probably will see you around.

Good luck with the new blog. Its really fun.

parkithere said...

How fun Niece,
So thrilled you are apart of the blogging world. Great page and site.
Thanks for sharing.