Monday, March 8, 2010


Yes, this is the same frame I used for my "Vintage Valentines" I removed the Valentines and added March scrap book paper with a few jewels.
I decorated with plastic coins, green and gold tissue paper from the dollar store,
colored "rocks" and the most AWESOMEST (YES that is a word!)cross stitching, from my sister in law, Pennie. I love how the colors reflect on the wall.
I feel Spring in the air!!!


Lene said...

Love it!

Eva Gallant said...

Very creative!!!

Lourie said...

I just don't even think of stuff like that! That is so amazing.

Mary Prillwitz said...

I love it! Is that your table that you specifically set aside for decorating for all the holidays? I like that idea. You're so creative.

Kayleen said...

I agree, that is the awsomest!!! : )