Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Want To Be Counted

I am really excited that I get to fill out a 2010 US Census! For someone that loves researching family history, I know how important this little paper is.
I will not be "public data" for 72 years (Title 44, US Code. Section 2108) but I WILL BE!
And if by chance one of my posterity is looking for me...I will be there!
I wish one thing could be changed on the census...I wish our "maiden" names were also listed.
Maybe in 10 years they will add it to the 3 questions.


Lourie said...

yeah, why don't they have that!? I need to fill mine out!

Janna said...

we got our today too.

I changed my blog url


Eva Gallant said...

You'd think that would be on there!

Mindy H. said...

My sister (the BYU family history grad) has been looking forward to filling hers out. She remembered how much fun it was going through all of the old census info and finding great facts about long-dead relatives. When she filled it out this morning she was kind of disappointed at the lack of detail. I guess it is a good thing she has been keeping a journal. Her posterity will have to learn all her quirks that way.