Saturday, March 20, 2010


Today Josh tested for his 5th degree blackbelt...and now stands with an elite group of men and women in the HTF able to have the title of master of Taekwondo. He stood with his mentors and those that trained him.

He declared him self ready to earn his next rank He did his forms
one steps
sparing and board breaks at 3 stations
I have cried at one of Josh's testings, he had the color belt rank of Brown belt, when he did not break his boards. It killed me to see him not complete something he had worked so hard at and then have to wait for the next advancement testing to try again
and I have cried at a couple tournaments when he was hurt.

But, today I cried as I watched my son soaked with sweat...shaking from exhaustion...and near tears too. When Grand Master Jack Pierce announced "Mr. Burgess you passed"

Josh there are no words to tell you how much I love you or how proud I am of you today.I remember you as a white belt saying "if I do all of my testings I will be a 5th degree blackbelt when I am in my 20's...that is a long time, but I want to be a Master in Taekwondo someday."

Today is that day!

I love your:




Self- Control

Indomitable Spirit

and your dedication to those you love and your love of Taekwondo. Your family, friends and your Taekwondo students are lucky to have you in their lives.

I love you bud...~MOM

Josh has to wait a year to be called "Master"...but he has earned it!


Eva Gallant said...

Wow. That's impressive!

Cynthia said...

Woot Woo! Congratulations!

Josh and Ali said...

Yep! Josh is pretty freaking amazing! I love my husband, that's for sure!

Kira Burgess said...

I love your husband too...
Good Job Joshie! I am proud of you!!!

Lene said...

Way to Go Josh!

And everyone was Taekwondo fighting...

Okay so it doesn't flow as well as kung fu!

Kayleen said...

Awesome Job Josh!!!!!!!!

Sharon said...

Congrats to you Josh.
Thanks for sharing the photos of him in each thing he did.
It was very interesting.
I can't imagine breaking boards without crying.

Paige said...

Thanks so much for my sweet card! It really brightened my day. Love your blog and you have a beautiful family. Have a great week! Come visit me when you get a chance.

Jenny said...

Congratulations to Josh...and his wonderful Mom! What a memorable moment for you all!