Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving & Gingerbread

Our Thanksgiving Day was wonderful... We ATE and ate
some even thought they could "work in a little more room"
We snuggled and playedand visitedand THEN Kirk's sister, Pennie came in with HUGE bags of candy and
gingerbread house pieces...and said ...
"this is a tradition we started a few years ago.
Every Family gets to make a gingerbread house to take home" I have decided that you can tell allot about someone
by the type of Gingerbread house they build.
Some are so darn talentedand creativeYEA, I KNOW...I AM A LITTLE SICK AND TWISTER!


MaryRC said...

what a fun tradition around thanksgiving. i always feel were fitting in the gingerbread house makings at the last minute.

Lene said...

You are "Sick Jessy, Sick!"

I love that Kirk is on the bike between courses.

23 days!!!!

Mindy H. said...

I am so glad that you had a fun and filling holiday! And I loved your Santa-cide themed house. It wouldn't be a real holiday without a little "Grandma got ran over by a reindeer" type of dark humor. Thats the stuff that gets us through!

MaryRC said...

Come and see how much "I Rock You"

Mary RC

SAYDA said...

That is such a neat tradition... making gingerbread houses. Looks like you had a wonderful time with family.

Kayleen said...

Those are adorable!!!