Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Flight Aware

Have you heard of ...

You can track any flight in the world in real time!
I was able to see where Kira was while she was in the air from SLC, Utah to Altanta
and then on to Beunos Aries.
It is really pretty cool!
They left SLC at 2:00 pm (MST) on Tuesday the 9th

and arrived in B.A. at 8:00am today Wednesday the 10th.
I know they were planning on boarding the bus at 4:00pm for the 15 hour ride to Tucuman.
No... I can't track the bus ride :O)
Kira said Miss H slept the intire  flight to Argentina.
I hope she is as good on the bus ride.

I am so excited for Sergio's family to meet their newest member.
 I know her abuela (grandma), abuelo (grandpa)  and tia (aunt) can hardly wait!
Miss H is going to be one loved on little girl!


Saimi said...

Wow, that's just crazy, cool and scary...Technology is simply amazing!

Lene said...

I know another tia that wishes they would visit her....

Julie said...

Fun stuff! It's amazing--all this technology. My hubby called me the moment my plane landed last night. He'd been watching our flights from the moment we left. It's SO GREAT!

I hope they have a lovely visit! What a great adventure.