Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Signs of Fall

Each April we see our first Broad tail Hummingbirds and it is my sign that winter is pretty much over.
BUT... by mid- August the hummingbirds start buzzing the feeder, and as much as I don't want to admit it, 
I know  ... Fall is just around the corner.
The little birds are wanting to get fattened up for their long migration to
Mexico and as far south at Argentina.
I make the "juice" a little thicker so it helps them get the weight on.
I love watching these amazing little birds.
As I was taking pictures of these little guys, I said to Kirk, "at least I haven't see a "flock" of geese yet..."
I barely got the sentence out of my mouth and...you guessed it.
a HUGE honking   "V" flying above the river.
I could not believe what was in the sky...
the geese are arriving.
Where did summer go???


Kelley said...

The season I miss most is the onset of fall. Soooo enjoyed these pix!

Lene said...

I hope it is nice and Fallish in October!

Liz Davis said...

I thought we might have a late fall or an indian summer but people keep providing proof that it will be here soon. It seems with all of the rain we've had that spring lasted forever. I'm not quite ready to let summer go!

Janiene said...

That was great Janiece!

Walt and Eileen said...

We'll have to have you teach us how to get humming birds to come to our yard like that...when we return.
Maybe some of "your" hummingbirds will make it to San Salvador with their extra strength gained from your tlc.
Love, Los Petersen - Walt & Eileen

mommy nurse said...

I can't believe I haven't been blogging much. It was great to catch up on your blog and I think I might have to make some peach pie! Happy Fall!!

Connie said...

Nooooooo! I am not ready to let go of summer, it just barely got here. Let's hope we have a nice long Indian Summer.