Monday, August 8, 2011

Squash! I Don't Want No Stinking Squash!

Hazel has really never had a problem eating food from a spoon.
Kira had only been feeding her only veggies.
Miss H hasn't seemed to mind to much though she is not a fan of peas and as late
she is getting a little tired of squash.
I could not stop laughing the other night when Kira was trying to feed her
 and she kept putting her toes in her mouth. 

Yea, I think it is time to let her try bananas and apples.


Lene said...

I hear toe jam is yummy!

SAYDA said...

Too funny.

Saimi said...

Maybe she just wanted a little jam to go with that squash...toe jam that is!

Those are adorable pictures!