Tuesday, August 12, 2008


From Lelly's SPT challenge: each week, think about the Olympic motto, and how it can apply to our every day lives. citius. altius. fortius. are we giving our best? can we find victories in the efforts we make every day?

The truth is I am not really good with kids.
I always say the only ones I like are my own, and my niece's and nephews.
I expect even the youngest to be kind and respectful of not only me
but those that are around us.

My brother's family and I were playing the board game "Settlers", and being the anial person I am when playing games I don't like people to touch my dice, cards ect...it brings bad carma...I know silly, but for me it is just the way I am.

My little niece asked if she could be on my "team", though this is not a "team" game, and I told her she could hold my cards (this is a big deal) BUT She COULD NOT touch my dice. At one point she got a bit upset with me because she wanted a turn rolling the dice. She moved across from me and gave me a dirty look...well...ok this is when the not "good with kids" comes in. I snapped at her and asked if I had told her at the begining that she could not touch the dice, she nodded, and I asked if I told her she would ONLY get to hold the cards, she nodded. I said, Ok then don't be giving me that "look".

A few moments later she was snuggled back up next to me and "on my team".

This is where the SPT comes in...am I being forgiving like a little child? Even if someone upsets me do I quickly blow it off and become a team player? I don't know. But I do know that this week I will be paying especially good attention to my actions towards those that might not let me "play" the way I want to, and see. I hope that I find that I am.
Talk about Carma! Glad my little niece still likes her "mean" Aunt


Sarah said...

I can relate to this. I could definitely work on becoming more of a team player.

Anonymous said...

Who knew such lessons could be learned by doing an SPT. nice.

Mother Goose said...

Good lesson and challenge to learn. I love how after re-iterating the conditions she agreed to play under. That she was quick to become a team player. humph... I pout a lot because I always want to change the rules.
I like that this has made you stronger and higher. You have stepped outside of yourself to be on higher ground! I have learned from this too.

linda said...

Little kids are sooo forgiving...she was back on your "team" in no time.

Chris said...

What a cute picture. We can all learn from a child sometimes right? She was good to quickly come and snuggle. Great post!

Rachael said...

I say that I don't like kids except my own too! I don't have patience for disrespectful kids either. I need to be more patience and tolerant!

The monkey bunch said...

Children are amazing. No wonder the Lord said to be like little children. I need a lesson in forgiving myself. Thanks for sharing.

Lene said...

Ok - I guess I better not leave a comment on this one.

My kids don't think you are a "mean" aunt!

Bren's Life said...

How sweet of her to be so forgiving & loving. So that shows your not the Mean Aunt!!! At least she didn't stuff them in her mouth or anything - right!

MaryRC said...

I think kids appreciate it when they know where they stand with an adult. I too am the mean aunt in my family, but my neices and nephews always know who to come to when they need something.

lelly said...

this was a good one. i struggle with this sometimes (especially after i've just snapped at jack). but now i can remember to be as forgiving as my little seven year old!