Friday, August 1, 2008

It's The First Of The Month

My oldest child, Josh, though he is not much of a child, he is 25 years old, owns and is the instructor at his own Taekwondo Studio. I have taken care of his "office" for the past 3 yrs. & 9 months. Which means doing the billing and what ever other "office" things need taken care of. I accually enjoy it alot. First, it lets me hang out with my son, who at first glance may seem very shy, but he isn't at all.
He really is a very funny guy. He is so good with his students. I love helping him, because I know he would drop everything to help me. So, here it is the 1st of August. This is accually a busy month for the Studio, we have parades, he teaches two High School Taekwondo classes that we have registation for next week, and then the regular classes Monday - Friday. So, I guess I better quit playing on my computer at home and go play on the one at the studio so I can get the "office" stuff done.


Jan said...

What a great motivating son you have. I think it is so wonderful that you and him have such a great relationship. He sounds very influencing on others.

Have a great time catching up on bookwork ;)

I do bookwork at my job, it is never ending is it. Have a great weekend Janiece.

Jeanne said...

I got the gift you sent me. I love it!! Thank you so much! Dave and I will surely have to come visit next time we go to ID.

Janiece said...


Bren's Life said...

That's awesome! My oldest son is Josh too. But he is very shy..
That is so cool that you guys work together & have a great relationship.

Kayleen said...

I love this picture of Josh! What a great example he is!