Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Lelly's SPT Because of a Blogger:
September 2 home decor/tabletop
September 9 entertaining/parties,
September 16 arts and crafts
September 23 in the kitchen
September 30 personal growth
Wow I am bombing out this month as far as SPT goes..
again I haven't done any art or crafts But WOW I have seen some neat things!
I love the ribbon banner that Linda made or the Darling Bunnies that Lene sent to my daughter, Kira or the Cup Cake Artist or Michelle's & Deb's way to find old things and make them amazing, and then you have Lelly that has the craft to get us all blogging on the same subject each Tuesday!! A bunch of women all wanting to do the same thing... Lelly, that is more than craft that is an ART!


lelly said...

spt has been an amazing gift. it inspires me - you ALL inspire me - to reach for fabulousness every day!!

Stacia said...

Thanks for the sweet comment. My cousins are Burgess, I wonder if you are related! They are from Idaho too. Kaye Burgess is my uncle. Anyway, thanks again for your kind comments and your blog is so beautiful. Love the countdowns for your missionaries!

Bren's Life said...

I am so bombing on the SPT thing too...
I have to say Janeice that at 1st I thought you were telling me to Stop with the politics & religion. But then I thought about it & thought about it & you have a missionary out so why would you say don't talk about religion. But I put the comment in my section so the friends that I do have that have different views know why I did it.
I was thinking about you last night. My chest has been hurting a lot the last 2 days. I wouldn't say heart attack hurt, but tight pain hurt. I have high blood pressure. So I go to bed last night & am thinking ok- please let me wake up in the morning. But if I am going to have a stroke & be crippled & useless - no thanks I'll see ya on the other side. And when I woke up this morning I actually was excited that I WOKE UP!
I was going to get up & email you to see what it felt like when you had one. But I finally went to sleep.
It's probably anxiety. I was worried that I had hurt your feelings & stressing over it.
Ok- this is really long. Oopss

Dacia said...

There is so much talent out there! I love the cupcakes! I'm always so amazed when I see the cupcakes and how creative people are with them. Thanks for sharing.

Mimi Sue said...

I thought that might be the Snake River. The mister went to Ricks College when we were first married. I loved living in Idaho. We were newlyweds though. That might have had something to do with it;). What is an SPT? Mimi

linda said...

Thank you for shout out about the ribbon swag. It was so easy to do...maybe you'll win the giveaway!

The monkey bunch said...

There are amazing people out there, aren't there. I am constantly inspired.