Saturday, February 28, 2009


Josh came home last night so he could see Kirk before he left for two weeks.
I don't know how much Kirk and Josh visited
BUT Josh and I had fun

playing Guitar Hero!


Karlenn said...

Wait, Josh doesn't live there with you? I'm so confused!!! And how cute you were playing Guitar Hero. What a cool mom you are.

Janiece said...

Yes...Josh, sleeps (part of the night), showers and does laundry.
But, he comes home after we have gone to bed and leaves for work early.
Kirk can go a week easily without seeing him.
I am so glad he took time to see his dad.

Lene said...

how funny that you have a look of pure concentration and Josh is smiling. hmmmmm

Mindy H. said...

Looks like some top-notch mother-son bonding time. Get in all the GH practice you can now...that way when the grandbabies come along you will not only be able to play with them, you will be able to out-play them!

THE CALLS said...

You look so cute concentrating so hard.

linda said...

Would you believe I have never played Guitar Hero...I must live in a cave or something!

I love mother/son bonding time!

::Jan:: said...

That is some serious concentration. I love it.

Kayleen said...

So INTENSE! You go girl!

Tina said...

Gotta love Guitar Hero! It is such a fun family game!