Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I got such a kick out of the comments about Kirk's suit...
I just had to show you my boys still fight to see who is going to wear it at different times!Josh

Derek is actually wearing it to church...Kira is in my Prom Dress!!
But the fact is
their dad makes it look good!


Lene said...

Are the wearing the same shirt?
If so Kirk's arms are HuGe!!!

Karlenn said...

That is so funny! And how cool that you kept it all these years! My grandma kept all of her seventies stuff - we had a blast dressing up in it for Halloween.

Janiece said...

No it is not the same shirt but YES, his arms were/are huge

KAR...Your grandma!!! Oh my I hope it was the early 70's!!!

THE CALLS said...

How funny about the suit. Hehe! I loved your previous post. Love you too special lady.