Monday, February 2, 2009


Rob and Kayleen invited us to their home for the Super Bowl.
I think this is only 3rd time in the 20+ years that I have been married that I did not
"Host" a Super Bowl Party.

And this my friends is why...

Yep! that is the ENTIRE WALL!! (I think our TV is a 24 inch screen where NOBODY can really see it that well)

We had so much fun and everyone seem to have a great seat for the game! Miss Whit, even had a front row seat with snack table and all!

Josh and Ali came! Ali LOVES football! Got to love her!

George stuck his head up to say hi to the camera and Heather and Kirk agreed the food was AWESOME.
Mind you...Kayleen knows little to nothing about Football, but she can throw one mean Super Bowl Party.
We have already invited ourselves to their home next year.
I think that is a yes?!


Kayleen said...

You better believe you are invited! Let's not wait clear till the next superbowl for another party though!!!!!! Love ya!

Karlenn said...

How fun! We never get invited to parties! :) Oh well. I think football is so boring, anyways. I took a three-hour nap during the Super Bowl. Ah. I needed it.

linda said...

How fun!

I love that TV! We've got one like you described, small!