Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Hope Julio Does Not Mind...

I have been wanting to do this blog for a month now...

This is the first time I ever saw a photograph of Julio Salto.
Kira sent it to me in January '08. She wanted me see the baptims pictures of a very important person in her mission, Julio, he is one of Kira's converts. She would write me and tell how amazing he was and the respect she had for him. She always said how lucky she was to have met him and to have the opportunity to share the gospel with him. She would say he was a "great" man.

(little did we know that Kira's future husband was also in the picture)

I had the pleasure to meet and enjoy Julio & his family while I was in Argentina and Kira is so right!

I can not even start to tell you how much I appreciate, respect and love this man. Julio and his wife have several business that they own and operate, this requires them to be apart most of the week.

Julio also cares for his mother who is a funny lady and requires alot of attention.

His son Leo, attends school in Centro. He has an amazing memory. I could tell him a word in English and he would not forget it.

Felipe spends his week closer to the business his mom takes care of. Many times Julio would share how difficult it was for him to be away from his wife and Felipe so much. I had such great respect for them as they make this sacrifice for Leo so that he can get the education that he needs.

Felipe LOVES to play games. You could bet that "Jenga" would get played on each visit to their home.

Julio's support for Kira is unbelievable. He spoke with his sons and told them that Kira was their sister. That they would love her and care for her. He is a man of honor and of his word.

He was Kira & Sergio's "chauffeur" after the "registry civil". He drove all through town honking his horn on the way to the lunch held at Sergio's parents home. He also came and drove Kira to her wedding reception. He looked like a proud father as he took his turn dancing with the bride.

He would say to Kirk and I, "Be Tranquil" not worry about Kira. She will be watched over. I know how much Sergio loves Kira, but there is something really comforting about having a father figure also for her. In the short time I was there, I know that it is true. She has someone who will be her Argentine Dad.

I wish I knew how to put into words my feelings for this very special man. I respect him as a father and husband. I am grateful to him for the care and love that he gives to my daughter. Kirk and I are thankful that he is such an important part of Kira's life. It was difficult for me to tell him "bye" before we left Centro. No amount of words could express my gratitude for him and all that he has already done for Kira.

but his words ring clear in my ears..."Be Tranquil"

Gracias por tu amor y la amistad. Ninguna cantidad de millas puede cambiar esta situación.

Te Amo!

We love you!


linda said...

This made me cry Janiece! What a gift from God this man is and what an honor it is to be able to call him friend. He does sound like a man of his tranquil, he'll keep watch over precious Kira, no doubt about it!

Janiene said...

I have to tell you that I cry every time I read you & Kira's blogs, or look at the pictures. It's a feeling of spiritual confirmation that this is meant to be but also mixed with a little heartache from being a mother and knowing how far away she is from you (physically). She is such a wonderful beautiful woman with a beautiful strong testimony. Our Heavenly Father must have a great work in store for her. How proud you both must be as her parents. So thankful for modern technology & the ability to keep in touch and allow us to share in her life and experiences.