Monday, November 9, 2009

Josh & Taekwondo

I have been asked why I put Josh in Taekwondo when he was younger...
I did it because he was small, quiet and was being picked on a lot at school.
Not because I wanted him to be a bully, but because I wanted him to learn to have confidence in himself.
and what an amazing adventure it has beenJosh aka Mr. Burgess, "Teacher", Mr. Josh is now doing the same thing for other students.
Teaching the Martial Art of TaekowndoJosh enjoys "forms", basically they are self defense moves done in a specific sequence.
and though he is very good at sparing it is not his favorite thing to do
His weapon of choice...
The Bo Staff
His talent...
Flying!!Butthe HIGHER the better
Josh has always been respectful...and so that part of the Art came natural to himDon't get me wrong he likes the metals Though now he would rather just watch his students compete at tournaments
On Saturday, Nov. 7, 2009, in Twin Falls, Josh mid-termed in preparation to earning his
5th Degree Blackbelt. He still has 1 1/2 years until he can test for 5th Degree and the
title of Master
But over the past 14+years I still get nervous at belt advancements, testings and tournaments
He is finding new ways to break boards
but everyone looks forward to watching him FLY
His respect and support to his Senior Instructors and students is close to unmatched.
Josh and I have traveled as he competed in National Tournaments and Demo- Team Competition
Kirk would stay home with Kira and Derek.
So, it was extra nice to have him at this next step of Josh's Taekwondo journey.
Love ya Bud...
You still have the Eye of the Tiger!


Cynthia said...

Awesome! You should post some video of that flying move in action. That would REALLY be something to see live since it looks pretty amazing in pictures. It's nice to see him passing on the love of the sport to his own students.

My 9 year old boy would like to do Capoeria when he gets a little older. He's a gymnast now so that will help him get the strength, flexibility and base moves required to succeed in that sport. It's a martial art from Brazil and is more about moving to quickly (with flips, spins etc.) to get struck by an opponent.

Mindy H. said...

There must have been some inspiration involved when you introduced Josh to Taekwondo. I have seen the difference he makes in the lives of his students and I know that they respect and admire him a lot.

Josh and Ali said...

I think I have a video of him flying that I will post on our blog. I will try but I can't promise anything since I'm not good at the adding pictures and videos and stuff yet.

angelicindy said...

so, so cool! I especially loved that flying one over six people :)