Sunday, December 6, 2009

Finding Our Christmas Tree

Kirk and I went up to the hills above Sublett to look for a Christmas tree.
We have not done this together for many years.We found a perfect one not far from the road
Kirk carried it down to the truck and then yelled..."Where's the tag?"
Woops!!! What a great way to spend our Saturday


Rhonda said...

I remember once Morris and I cut a tree off the road. When we got it home, it was about 14 feet tall. We had to cut the tree in half, so it would fit in our home. great memory.

angelicindy said...

What a fun tradition! I can almost smell how good your house must smells right now :)

Lene said...

It looks like so much fun! Can't wait to come up and see it for REALS!

Sharon said...

We did that once, as a family.... what an adventure...

MaryRC said...

i can smell the freshness from here! mmmmm

MollyandIzzie said...

Hello, I have just stumbled across your blog and it made me smile =]

What a wonderful way to get a christmas tree with meaning!

I hope you don't mind me following your blog.

Warm wishes from across the pond