Wednesday, December 30, 2009

No! Not Already

I never like when we take these pictures...because it means my family is leaving. My sister, 'Lene and her family came and spent Christmas with us.
Usually when they come it is for longer than a week.I believe I was in a state of shock when I realized they were really leaving. Thanks 'lene and family for spending your Christmas with us. BUT
The house was way to quiet and I miss you already!


linda said...

I'm so sorry! I know what you mean, my parents left yesterday and the house is so still. It's wonderful having company but it sure is sad when they leave isn't it!?!

Lene said...

You just need to come visit us's much warmer. Thanks for letting us share the Chaos with you for Christmas. Love you!

Walt and Eileen said...

Happy New Year.
Thanks for sharing your year, your family, and your goings and comings.
Love, Los Petersen - Argentina

Mindy H. said...

I was in a simialr state of shock yesterday when I left my parental homeland. Going back to the pre-holiday normal is always tough, but I'm sure these first weeks of the new year will be full of things that will keep you busy!

MaryRC said...

glad you had a great christmas.