Friday, December 4, 2009


so...where I live we have one large department store it is....Which I dearly refer to as Wallyworld.
My dear friend calls to tell me that OUR Walmart does not have any Nativity Sets...and that they are not getting any this year???
so, I go to the walmart web site and look what I $12.00 Preorder Now
Preorders Sold Out
Out of Stock Online
This item is being discontinued. Availability is limited.

We can email you when it is back:
Do you think you will EVER get an email about it???

• - Free shipping to store

• Site to Store Express - Need it Faster?
• - As a member, you get it faster.
• Site to Store Express not available for this item

• Ship to home

• Ship to home is not available.
I am not one to picket or to stand and yell at some one...
But, HUM...I think I will be driving to Pocatello or Twin Falls for my CHRISTMAS shopping...and it sure will not be at a WALMART!
just saying....


Urbach family said...

I feel your pain, WalMart is the only store in our area to shop also, and it totally stinks. I already do most of my shopping out of town and out of state.

MaryRC said...

theyre my last resort. i did so some online walmart shopping because i could use paypal, but other than that, i totally avoid!