Monday, December 21, 2009

4 Hour Skype Chat With Kira

Do you know this Logo???
If you don't and you have family out of state, the country OR the CONTENT
it is amazing! I love skype!
On Sunday evenings Kira and Sergio go the the local Cyber to visit with us. I can hear and see her and KNOW that she really is O.K.Our conversation this week was as random as it could be, but I don't know if I have laughed so hard in a very long time.
I have to tell you about a part of our Sunday night conversation.
Kira starts by telling me she was setting outside the church and visiting with some other members while Sergio was in a meeting.
Everyone had left and she saw this bug on the ground. Kira is not afraid of she was going to take a closer look at it before she smashed it with her foot.
As she bent down this bug that she called a
(somewhere between a cochroach, grasshopper and wasp)
Looked her right in the eyes

she said that she quickly ran to the stairs and set down...watching the

most powerful bug walk away...keeping its eyes on her the whole time.

I said, "you know TAEKWONDO, you could take it".

She quickly said, " NO I am pretty sure he could have bit my head off."

" that must have been a powerful bug"

all the while I was wondering if this was the same day she had cleaned her bathroom.

You really need to visit her blog for that story!


linda said...

Oh my goodness, I wouldn't make it in a foreign country. I don't do hissing bugs!

I'll have to head on over to her site and read about her bathroom story. I hope it doesn't involve bugs!

Janiece said...

I can not wait to have her home for the holidays again.