Saturday, April 16, 2011

Grandpa and Grandma Heaven

Kirk is an AWESOME grandpa.
Celes just loves him and Hazel is starting to realize that he is pretty OK too.
Kirk was mowing the lawn and Celes could see him out of the window, Ali took her down to see
grandpa... She got to ride on the mower with him...
I really need to go through my old pictures and find the ones of when my kids were little.
I am pretty sure I will be able to find one of each of my little babies riding on the mower with their daddy.
It might even be the same mower...heeheheee yes, I know it is time for a new one.

and thanks to Kira
there is even a picture of Celes and I having a moment together...
even though neither one of us knew it.
We were both sound asleep.
BUT, I love this picture.
almost as much as I love being a grandma.


Liz Davis said...

So precious! I love the snap shots of Grandma and Grandpa. Those are two of the luckiest babies ever! Always try to get a generation picure, you'll never regret it ~ even if it's just a snapshot! (I was lucky enough to snag a 5 generation picture with Chloe, but sadly not with Seth...)

Sharon said...

That is a classic! I have one with me and my angel Faith (both of us sleeping).

Lene said...

I bet there have been many opportunities to get a picture like that of you and Celes...and probably Hazel also.

Julie said...

Great photos! What fun memories you are capturing for your sweet grandbabies. You must be quite the grandma. Love it!