Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What A Weekend

and a wonderful one at that...
Saturday, April 2nd
We were able to witness Jordan and Tiffany be married.

sorry the picture isn't the best
Oh it was fun to see them both so happy!  We wished we could have spent time at the party after but my family was all heading in different directions with time restraints...
Kirk was on his way to Driggs, Idaho to meet a friend to go skiing at Grand Targee.
Josh, ALi and Miss C were already in Salt Lake City.
Kira, Sergio, Miss H and I were going to try to be in Salt Lake in less than 3 hours.
and Derek...well poor Derek was staying home to watch over everything (the dogs).

We made it to SLC just in time for Sergio to go to the Priesthood Session of Conference.

In the Assembly Hall on "Temple Square" they had the session translated into Spanish and so he went there to hear the speakers.  Josh and his brother in laws were listening in English in another building.
After the Priesthood session Kira and I met up with Sergio to take pictures.
The next morning we woke to....
no is always raining or snowing conference weekend.

Kira and Sergio had tickets for the Sunday afternoon session of the LDS General Conference.
Tickets to conference do not cost, but are hard to get.
I was so excited for them! I kept thinking what a wonderful opportunity for Sergio.
I was snuggled in our hotel room with Miss H.
and Josh and Ali came to our hotel to watch Conference on TV with me
so I even got to hang out with Miss C.
Monday morning I had a regular clinic visit.
Good News, I get to cut back a little on the predniSONE.
I can not wait until I no longer have to take these
"Make your face fat, be careful because you never know when you might snap some one's head off"
after the appointment...well things got even better...
We went and had lunch with Ro, Karen and the girls
Great Weekend...


Kira Rivadeneira said...

Thanks for letting us come with you. We had an awesome time!

Julie said...

Sounds heavenly! As I ran across the photo of you with your sweet grandbaby in front of the Cristus, my heart skipped a beat. It made me so grateful for life. How wonderful that your family has been able to hold onto you. Janiece, although I've never met you in real life, I am grateful for your heart and how it is keeping you around. I learn so much from you. What a blessing for your family to have you!

Lene said...

I am sooooooo happy for Jordan and Tiffany!

It sounds like a wonderful weekend.

Kayleen said...

I hope you know how much we love and appreciate your sweet family!!!