Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Aunt Bonnie has always been "into" family history...
I knew that we had some "royals" on our pedigree charts...
So, my question is...
If we have royalty down the line, why wasn't I invited to the "Wedding of the Century" so I could wear one of those cool hats??
Oh the choices....
Crazy and Regal

Did you have a favorite hat or one that you just  laughed at???

Family History
d/o My Dad & Mom
s/o Joseph Nathan Cowgur & Mabel Ruth Carlson
d/o John Sullivan Carlson & Anna Mariah Powley
d/o Charles Jacob Powley & Maria Babcock
s/o William Powley & Elizabeth Wright
s/o William Berrit Powley & Elizabeth Hoffman
s/o Jacob Powley and Annetje Van Vorst
d/o Jillis Van Vorst & Annatje Berrit
s/o Jacobus Jillis Van Vorst & Anna Beck
d/o Caleb Beck & Anna Mol
s/o Caleb Beck & Hannah Bolles
d/o Joseph Bolles & Mary Howell
s/o Thomas Bolles & Elizabeth Perkins
s/o Benjamin Bolles & Anne Goodrick
d/o Lional Goodrick & Winifred Sapcott
s/o John Goodrick & Anne Dymoke
d/o Lional Dymoke & Joan Griffith
s/o Thomas Dymoke & Margaret de Wells
d/o Lional de Wells & Joan de Waterton
s/o Eudo de Wells & Maud de Greystoke
s/o John de Wells & Eleanor de Mowbray
d/o John de Mowbray & Elizabeth de Segraves
d/o John de Segrave & Margaret Plantagenet
d/o Thomas Brotherton Plantagenet & Alice de Hayles
s/o Edward King of England & Margaret le Hardi of France (Longshank)


Lene said...

With your luck you would have chosen that crazy bow hat.

Mindy H. said...

Wow. Those are some serious hats! But don't feel bad about not getting an invitation to the big wedding (I'm sure it just got lost in the mail). Tomorrow, you get an invitation to the biggest event of the year: The Stake Relief Society Dinner and Program! Feel free to wear a fantabulos hat!

Julie said...

Oh yes. YES! I love the last one before you wrote "Oh the choices...."
I got to wear a crazy had when I was in "The Music Man" a few years back. Oh, so fun!
So, my dear, what would your's look like?