Monday, April 25, 2011

17 Years

How can it be possible that it has already been 17 years?

I still remember that 1:15 am phone call from my brother
saying that she had passed away.
We knew it would be soon...
There had been no brain activity for several days,
and life support had been turned off  for over 24 hours.
But, my mom was always watching out for her children.
She knew it would be difficult for me if she passed away before Saturday morning,
 I was the Mini-Cassia March of Dimes Walk-America Chairperson and Saturday was the day of the walk.
My brother, Bruce kept asking if we could wait until after Sunday for her life support to be turned off...
He could not handle the though of loosing our mom on a Sunday.
and she waited...until 1:00am Monday morning.
I am sure it was not easy for her to stay in her sick body,
with a heart that had not been working well for 6 years.
I am sure that she knew it was hard for her 2 son's to lay their hands upon her head
 and give her a blessing that it was OK to go.
I am sure she knew her youngest daughter would struggle.
I am sure she knew that we would miss her and think we could not live without her.
But, she had taught her children well.
and even though 17 years ago we were not sure...
She knew we would be OK... and she was right.
You can visit here to see the qualities our mom passed on to us her children.
Love you mom, and miss you everyday.

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Douglass Clan said...

What a beautiful write up about your mother. I love that she continues to inspire you even though she is on the other side of the veil. I have a few angels that do that for me as well. Thinking of you and your mom today.