Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ali Is 21!!

My sweet daughter in law, Ali turned 21 years old
on May 19th.
Unfortunately, I forgot my camera and my phone does not take very good pictures.
 hopefully you will get the idea...
Ali knew we were going to have a party but not an idea of what we wanted the theme to be...
Because none of us are alcohol drinkers...
BUT, We went all out...I mean she is legal!!!
We had cup cakes...all made after different drinks.
I found most of my ideas on The Cup Cake Club.
Though the cupcake recipes are made with alcohol, I was able to adjust with extra cocktail mix or juice.
 Our Margarita Cupcakes
The frosting was SOOOOO good. We added jelly lemon and limes to the top.
Here are the Piña Colada cupcakes with roasted Coconut on top
I am sure you can guess the next one...
Yep, Strawberry Daiquiri
I did not get a picture of the Cosmo Cupcake.
We had fun trying to mix drinks...
The pictures of the following drinks are from Google
The hit
Made with Sprite, orange juice, cranberry juice and a little ice.
The Strawberry Daiquiri
  made with Master of Mixes Strawberry Daiquiri/Margarita Mix,
white grape juice, lime juice and ice and yes topped with a strawberry and lime slice.

The Margarita
Made with Sprite, Master of Mixes Margareta Mix and stirred with ice.

The Piña Colada

Master of Mix, Ice and Pineapple topped with a cherry & pineapple.

Ali comes from an amazing family. 
They came with finger foods for the night.
It really was fun!!!!
Thanks Ali for becoming legal so we could have a really fun time because
you are finally 21 !!!


Liz Davis said...

Oh my heck! I have a niece who will be turning 21 soon and I need all of the recipies for your fabulous cup cakes!!! What a fun idea ~ you clever girl.

Julie said...

Okay, so you need to tell your neighbors to move out cuz we're moving in. Wow!

Happy birthday to Ali!

Lene said...

Such a fun idea.

She is so freakin' young!