Thursday, May 5, 2011

Derek Has Been Home...

A Year!!!
It seems unreal that a year ago we were standing at the Salt Lake City International Airport waiting for Derek to be home after serving his LDS Mission in Indiana.
The gang waiting for him.
I remember letting out a loud SQUEAL as we saw him arrive on the escalator and make the LONG ride down.
I still get teary eyed when I see this picture.
There was so much going through my mind and my old worn out heart.
(notice the "it about time sign...and you can not see who is behind it)
Kirk was pretty happy to see his youngest home too.
I remember Ali saying to Derek, "Do you remember me now?"
 Both Josh and Kira had got married while Derek was on his mission.
Derek's face was beyond priceless when he saw Kira,
 He said, "I thought he (Sergio) looked familiar, but I wasn't sure from where."
He just looked at them and smiled saying, "I can't believe you are here."
My children were all home and together.
If you missed my first post about Derek's homecoming you can see it here.


Julie said...

How sweet! My sister lives in Indiana--in Noblesville. Wonder if he ever served in her ward. Her husband's stake president out there. Can't believe that these days of starting to see missionaries off is only a few short years away for us. YIKES! Where does the time go?

Josh and Ali said...

I remember having contractions the whole way home... Even though I didn't know what they were at the time.

Saimi said...

This post got my stomach all balled up with butterflies and my eyes with tears! My son will come home from his mission this August, I can't believe how fast the two years has flown!!