Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What Do I Say?

In just 3 days it will be my one year anniversary with this new,
little, amazing heart.
I was told that I can write a "gratitude" letter to my donors family.
They will get to choose if they respond or if I get to know more about my donor besides the basics ie:
 male or female, age, where they were from, ect.

I have been thinking about this for a year and now that it is here~ I do not know how to say what is in my heart.
I am crying just doing this blog.
How do I tell someone that maybe the worst day of their life was the most amazing day of mine.
How do I thank them.
How do I share my feelings?
How do I tell them the  things I have been able to experience because of their loved one?
I do not know where to start,
I know this will sound really strange, but I think my heart is missing them this week.
I have not had tears in about a year, but this week I have cried allot.
What do I  say to the people that are part of my hero's life?
What do I say?

Dear Donor Family,
I wish I could put my feelings and thoughts into words...


Lene said...

I am so grateful for this family and their selfless gift.

I would think that some of their pain would be eased by seeing your two beautiful grand-daughters that you would have missed.

I love you and your sweet little heart!

Kira Rivadeneira said...

I think what you have wrote in this blog is a pretty good start.

Laura Lynn said...

I think you said it all and conveyed your feelings in this post - even with your questions on how to know or what to begin to say to them. It was beautiful.

I don't think it sounds strange by the way!