Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hermana Kira's Last Email

I don't know if I have ever posted one of Kira's emails on my blog,
but this is her last one before she comes home next week.
I think it is worth posting, it is a little long but worth the read
there are no little notes to me or her dad...
Just her feelings....

Hi Family.Whelp...This is it. The last letter that I am going to be writing to you all for a while. I am trying not to be sad. I feel super weird. It really hasnt hit me yet. It hit me about 5 weeks ago...and then it went away...now I just have blinders on. It kills a little bit. But I know that there are better things waiting for me, so I cant be sad.
This week...was AMAZING. I cant even begin to tell you. We had a wedding and 2 baptisms... I got to be one of the witnesses for the wedding. 45 people showed up for the baptism...a lot of them were investigators. It’s going to be really hard for me to say good bye.
This week we have 5 more baptisms and another wedding planned. I am so excited. I can hardly see straight. Hna Aponte and I were sitting at my desk the other day and she looked at me and said...Hna...I hope that I can end my mission like you. Where you are going to see a lot of the fruits of your work here. I am being so blessed. Heavenly Father really has answered my prayers. He always does doesnt he? Why do we doubt sometimes?
Why dont we relize that our time and his are so different? There are a lot of people that we are teaching that I wont get to see what happens with them, but I know that they are going to progress. I am glad that I am able to leave something for the other Hnas to work with. It is going to be wonderful.
They told my Zone leader when he got here that no one ever baptizes in Centro. I guess Heavenly Father just wanted to show me how much he loved me so he has just put the people that only we could teach in our paths. How amazing is that?
Sunday I was asked to give my last testimony in the scrament. I dont really know what I said, I just know my whole body was shaking. Yesterday we ate empandas with Selva and her family. They are super delish...at the end her and Audriana just cried and cried. I havent yet...Not since a few weeks ago...not really cried. Just the type that tears kind of squeeze out of your eyes sometimes. I told them that they werent allowed to cry anymore because I am not crying. The hardest people for me to say good bye to are going to be Inez and her family and Julio and his family...well and everyone else.
But I know that I am going to be able to tell you all those things to your face. Hehehe.
So Friday at 11:00 Marcelo and Gladis are going to get married. Then that night they are going to get baptized around 8:30 our time. Sunday in between conference sessions Lucia, Karen, and Jonathan are going to get baptized. They are excited. Their parents are ready too, but they just dont want to get married. So, that will come with time. Everything is just going wonderful here.

I think mom summed up my mission in one word. Miracles. One just after the other.
The other thing that I was going to write about Derek robbed in his email. Heavenly Father loves his children. He loves us so much. He wants us to be happy. He would do anything for that. I have found a lot of things in the mission.I found what it means to really love someone. I didnt really know before. I thought I did...but it wasnt this kind of love. I imagine it is kind of like the love that a mother has for her child. It is so amazing to watch the people that you have taught grow and apply the things that have touched their hearts. To watch someone take the testimony of another person and use it in their own lives is a miracle. It is so amazing to watch someone that is in the worst state of a human being, change and really become a new creature. It is real. It does happen that way. I have seen it many times here.I have found what it means to be still...but not just sit and wait...but to do all in your power to make things happen the way that YOU want them too...and then just sitting back to see Heavenly Fathers hand work in the way He wants it too...His way is always better.
I have found that you have fun...but you have to be obedient. The other kind of fun only last for a little while...but if you have fun and you are obedient Heavenly Father gives you all that He has. I have found that they battle between good and evil is real. I already knew that before, but when you are a missionary you are basically on the front lines fighting with all you have.
I have found enternal friends. Some of them were companions...some of them where other elders...some of them were from home...and the rest were people that thought I was teaching them, but they were really teaching me.
I have found that our minutes can be muliplied. This is something that I have just been learning in this last week. Heavenly Father has 1 day to our 1,000 years...So, if I am working in His time like I should be...I will always have the time that I need to complete with all that He asks of me. My 10 minutes will turn to 1 minute of a normal person, if I am working on his time.
I saw a miracle yesterday. We taught 11 lessons before lunch. I dont know how that happens. That is 11 lessons in 2 hours. They were short, powerful and...well...miraculous. This whole week is going to be that way. Every mintue that I have will be turned to 10. I am going to use every second that I have to serve the Lord...the best part is that its not going to end when I get home. That is a comforting feeling.
I have found what real joy feels like.
I have found what the power of a testimony is.
I have found my weaknesses and I am trying to turn them to strengths.
I have found a great love for the leaders of this church...even if they are 19 year old boys.
I have found what power my attitude and my choices have over other people.
I have found that we have divine rolls and callings.Over all.
I have found that the atonement is real. He really did pay a price for us. We can be forgiven and cleaned.
I have found that our pains and frustrations arent anything to what he paid for me.
I found that I can talk to him when I need to.
I have found how to recieve answers to my prayers.
Now...Conference is this weekend.
I just want to remind you all that we get to listen to a prophet of God!!! How cool is that!!!
Thats what I have spent the whole last year and a half testifing of. That in our day there is a prophet. God has always called prophets to guide us. Especially when things were getting bad in the world and to testify that Jesus Christ was getting ready to come.
Now in our day things are bad in the world and Jesus Christ is coming.
Obviously he is going to call a prophet to guide and protect us. It’s just so clear. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. That he restored the church exactly the same as it was established when Jesus was in Jerusalem. He was called of God. He recieved the same power and authority that Jesus has and he passed that power on to others.
I know that through that power we have the opportunity to repent and change the things that we need to in our lives. Everyone has to change. Not just the drug dealers or the child abuser...but the members of the church too. We have to use His atonement completely, because He gave everything, completely. He is willing to change us, we just have to ask for help,
we cant do it alone.
I know that there is revelation today.
I know that President Monson is a prophet. He is talking to God. Just like it has always happened before. When he says he knows...Its becaue HE KNOWS. I am going to do all that I can to apply the things that he teaches into my life. It might mean that I have to change a few things...But Im not afraid of change.
I love the mission.
I love the people in Argentina.
I love the doctrine of the church
...and that we have doctrine...that it is real and inspired and directly from the source.
I am so greatful for my Heavenly Father for the things He has given me and that I was able to be a part of His great work.
I am so greatful for the friends that I have made here.
I am greatful that I have been so taken care of.
I am greatful for the health I have enjoyed here.
I am greatful for family and friends that have always writen me.
I am greatful for my testimony.
I am greatful for parents that taught me about the power of prayer
and how to use the atonement.
I am greatful for my brothers that have always been good examples for me.
I am greatful for my leaders before the mission that prepared me to come here.
I am greatful for my Savior, Jesus Christ
and the opportunity that I have had to get to know Him a little bit better.
I am greatful for my Heavenly Father,
that I was found worthy to be his daughter and that He is always so willing to give me that things that I need.
I am greatful for His plan. Its real. I am part of it.
I will not cry when I go home. If I do it will be from stress. There is nothing to be sad about.
I feel like I have compleated my purposes here. I dont look back with regret. I know that Heavenly Father has another place that He wants me to be now. I dont really know where it is...or what He wants me to do from here, He hasnt quite showed me that part yet
...but I am just doing to do all that I can to be where I need to be when He calls me.
This church is true.
I know it.
I am thankful for every moment that I have had here, but this isnt the end.
I will see you all in a few days. I hope that you are planning a party...a big one. Have a good week, dont get to axious.
Love you tons.
-Hermana Burgess
Argentina Salta Mission


Liz said...

I am so excited!!! I know it is rediculous ~ I've never met you or Sister Kira but I can't wait for the two of you to be reunited!!!

Mimi Sue said...

A powerful testimony for sure. Congratulations! You all made it! Mimi

parkithere said...

I still get tears in my eyes reading it again. Thanks for sharing with everyone.
Her parents can be very pleased with the work she has done. I know her Father in Heaven is pleased.

THE CALLS said...

What a beautiful testimony. Kira is such a neat person. It will be so great to have her back.


MaryRC said...

Oh my goodness, what a wonderful thing a mission is for a young person. i hope my children find the same testimony in their lives. you should be so proud.

Karlenn said...

What an amazing daughter you have. So... are you planning a "big" party? :)

Walt & Eileen Petersen said...

What a true, pure testimony from a sister missionary on fire with the truth of the Gospel! We always told our missionaries what President Hinckley promised: "You will be blessed every day for the rest of your life for serving a mission." And it goes on to add you will be better at everything you do from now on...as a person, as a student, as a wife, as a mother, every phase of your life.

Now she qualifies for that promise.
We're sorry that her mission president didn't invite us for a mission visit so we could have seen her at a zone conf there.
Love, Los Petersen - Walt & Eileen - Argentina