Thursday, March 26, 2009

Country Living

Though we live in Cassia County, we still have a Burley address.
I love living where we do. It is quiet, peaceful and has its own slow pace to life.
This is a picture of a picture of our place in 1992 -but it still looks the same.
What's not to enjoy.


mommy nurse said...

The peaceful life! I can't wait for summer!

Karlenn said...

Is that your house???

Lene said...

The bugs....I don't enjoy the bugs.

Michele said...

Oh Janiece ~ it's beautiful. I would love living there peaceful and away from all the hustle of the city.


Bren's Life said...

How beautiful! Does your lake freeze over in the winter? Does it ever get warm enough to swim in? And warm enough is at least 65'..
You have a beautiful home. I love it

THE CALLS said...

That is such a beautiful place. It is so neat that you live right by the river.


linda said...

I'm so know how bad I want to live on a river!

It looks so peaceful!

Kayleen said...

OHHHHHH! Summer is coming! Yeah!

Tina said...