Friday, March 27, 2009

Seasons By The Birds

If you follow my blog at all you know I watch the seasons come and go by the birds that are around my house.
Fall = Finches
(ok and Spring too but they leave for a while)

Winter = Bald Eagles
alright and Geese tooSpring = Robins
and for Summer...Summer = Pelicans
This guy was in the river next to our dock!!!
I can hardly wait for summer,
I just hate to break it to him that we are supose to have SNOW on Sunday morning!


Lene said...

He is going to be ticked off on Sunday!

Anson said...

It is snowing Sunday? I thought we were having 60 degree weather.
I had a hockey game tonight. We won! Tomorrow we play at 11:00 am. My next game is the Friday of my dad's surgery so I won't make that one. Nice bird pictures.


Karlenn said...

I hate Idaho springs. I think they're worse than winter. That poor pelican.

jenn said...

i love watching birds! i have a finch feeder right outside my door that i just refilled today....i will have to see if i can get some pics!