Monday, June 22, 2009

Do You Know What This Is?


I have tried many times to grow an avocado tree...but never could get one to start.
When Kira came home from her mission in Argentina she had a picture of one of the Hermana's avocado was awesome...and no I could not find the picture to post it.
So, when I bought avocados the other day, Kira taught me what I was doing wrong.
You need to soak the seed so that the brown covering will peel off, then place the toothpicks in the seed and place it in water.
Within two days I had roots and the seedling is about 10 days old!
Who knows maybe someday it will actually become a tree!


Michele said...

Woooo hoooo ~ I have tried to grow them things too and never could! Thanks Kira!



Hi Janiece,

How fun to have your sister and her family around for awhile..Great photos of you all :)
Nice family photo too!!
I didn't have a close relationship with my Dad...and he passed away 12 years ago...
Sure glad that my Heavenly Father is always here!!
Deb :)

parkithere said...

oh my stars...need to try that...keep us posted...

Lene said...

That is so awesome that it is growing.
Who knows I might give it a try?!?

Mindy H. said...

That is way cool! Keep us updated on your plant's progress. If I don't kill off any of my current plants this summer, I may have to give avacado farming a try next year.

The Call's said...

Avocado trees are beautiful. We had two in our front yard in Texas. They are so full and shady. Can they grow in Idaho with the freeze and all?