Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Fun and Game

After Kirk took the boys to get another load of wood it was time to play.
Though the younger sons had other plans,
we headed to the drivers range at the local golf course.Oh my goodness I have not laughed so hard in a very long time.
Everyone has their own style.
Oh wait the ball is still setting there??!!??Thank goodness Kirk was very patient with us.
Though I am sure he was laughing his guts out at the total misfits of golf we were showing off. 2 baskets of balls $10.00, memories and laughter priceless...
and where else but rural Idaho will you find a wheel line watering in the middle of the drivers range?
GOT TO LOVE IT.after we hurried home to make 7 layer dip
Everyone makes this game time dip different. Mine is pretty simple.
Refried Beans (I warm mine and add a little salsa and garlic)
Sour Cream with taco seasoning
Guacamole (6 avocados with salsa and lemon juice)
Green Onions
Chopped Tomatoes
I like olives on mine so I add them to my plate.
And then it was time for:
The Boise State vs Virgina Tech Game
I though my poor husband was going to have a heart attack by the end of the 3rd Quarter.
I was hoping that BSU would change to their BSU COLORS during half time. But they didn't.
I was just glad to see BSU come back and win the game 33 to 302010 BSU Nike Uniform.
Which Uniform top do you like best?
Do you like it when your favorite sports teams change Logos or colors?


Kara D. said...

I LOVE 7 layer dip! I make it every year for my Halloween parties. Yours sounds delicious. I should try doing it your way some time. It's basically the same layers, but it looks like you add a little more spice to yours. I am glad you had a good labor day!

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

The driving range is good for some laughs for us too - as long as we don't hurt ourselves!

Lourie said...

Yum 7 layer dip! I think it is like the Better Than S-e-x Cake. Everyone makes that one different too. Still tastes good though!

Totally laughing at the water wheel! Hahahaha.

Mindy H. said...

Wow! It looks like you all had a ton of fun. I'm glad BSU pulled it out in the end. It is going to be tons of fun cheering for them this year. And I LOVE the waterwheel photo. I might have to steal it for a future post, but I promise to give you full credit!

Urbach family said...

Wow, I miss seeing waterwheel lines especially in the middle of the driving range. Pretty funny, thanks for picture it brought back tons of memories for me.

Lene said...

That looks like so much fun. Did anyone tell Sergio not to kill the poor, little white ball.

HATE IT when teams change colors.