Friday, September 24, 2010


If you have ever visit Linda and her blog, you have probably been a recipient of her kindness.
My sister, Lene is who told me about Linda and her thing about cupcakes. I wish I could remember the story of the 100 cupcakes, but that is what first drew me to her blog.
What has kept me going to her blog and having her for a friend is because
I truly Love this lady.
I like seeing what her Friday Question will be each week.This summer Linda and her husband along with Jake changed their travel plans so they would go through Utah and I would be able to meet her face to face. I WAS SO EXCITED!
We joked that 3 Blogging friends from Arizona, California and Idaho had to travel to Utah to meet! (though 'Lene has been able to hang out with Linda several times in AZ)

Linda, as you said we are Sisters by Heart.

Happy Birthday my dear friend.

May it be as amazing as you are.


Lene said...

Happy Birthday to Linda! She is the best!

linda said...

Ok, now you made me cry! Thank you for the birthday wishes and especially thank you for all of the kind words. They truly are appreciated!

We may not be blood related sisters, but yes, we are sisters of the heart...always will be!

Speaking of sisters, I'm hoping to see Lene and Bren this trip! We always get together when I'm here for parent's weekend. Only thing missing will be you and Kira!

Love to all!


Hi Janiece,
Thank you for your prayers for my duaghter! God is Great! I did leave Linda a birthday wish! She is just a you!
Happy weekend.
deb :)