Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I know that when Kira and Sergio left their family
and friends in Argentina it was difficult for all of them.

I know they had to wonder when they would see Kira and Sergio again.
I remember when Kirk and I left Kira in Argentina what mixed emotions I had. I knew Kira was happy, she had a just married a guy who adored her. His family and friends already loved her and she loves Argentina.
I totally understood, I wondered when I would see them again.
I certainly did not think it would be as soon as 6 months.
Sergio's visa will let him stay in the USA for 6 months.
After my heart transplant, Kira was named my "care-giver".
About 2 months later Kira told us that she and Sergio would like to stay here in the states.
So we got on line to see what we would have to do.
Mind you, Kira is a US Citizen and Sergio is her husband and here on a visitor's visa.
This is how naive I am...
I am thinking no problem...we will fill out the I-130 form and put it in the mail...
Thanks to some very good advise we found out that you do have to submit the I-130 form BUT that is just ONE of many.

This is the COVER SHEET to all the forms, information and FEES!
We started on the papers the first of August...with all the "stuff" that is required
we finished today.
I am just glad it is done.
This has been a really emotional process for me.
I know that we have until the first of November until Sergio and Kira will have to return to Argentina if  Sergio's status is not changed to Permanent Resident.
It scares me...Their little daughter is due the end of January.
Kira would have to make a 24 hour plane ride and then a 15 hour bus ride to Tucuman.
 She would be 7 months along.
And if the baby is born in Argentina while waiting for Sergio's status change
guess what...they will have to do ALL of this paper work again for the baby.
I laugh now...almost a mocking laugh when someone says,
but Kira's a US citizen...wouldn't that make the baby a US citizen too? UH NO...
ask Homeland Security...
she is a citizen to the country she is born in.
But, we have done our part,
and now we have to rely on our faith that we have done it the right way
and because of that it will work out.


linda said...

It WILL work out Janiece because of the fact that all of you have done everything the right way!

There have already been so many miracles performed...this prayer will be answered as well!

How are you feeling these days? Hope all is well! Think about you daily!

Love from your prayer warrior sister of the heart!

Lene said...

praying everything works out.

Mary Prillwitz said...

How exciting that Kira and Sergio want to stay in the U.S.!!! Yea for you! What a hassle to have to go through all that. Heavenly Father has a mighty way of always making sure everything works out according to HIS plan, though.

Bren's Life said...

I will keep them in my prayers that things will work out. I really wish you could of been there with us the other night. I feel left out that I havent met you... Hope your doing good..

Josh and Ali said...

Me and Josh just looked it up and the federal government website says that they can decide when she is born what citizenship they want her to have where they have citizenship from different countries no matter where she's born. We're still praying that he will get his green card but we were just confused so we looked it up. It didn't look like there were any loop holes so it seemed pretty official.

mother goose said...

Praying all will be well..