Friday, September 10, 2010

Indian Taco Recipe

I always knew the name for this favorite treat as NAVAJO TACO, I grew up in Arizona, but over the years I have seen the name become Indian Tacos, so what ever you want to call them
this is the recipe I use. Disclaimer: this is NOT the picture of my taco I ate it before I remembered I need to take a picture and fount this one here.
This is my Scone/Donut Recipe
But instead of rolling out the dough as soon as it proofs I stretch the dough to the size I want my Indian Tacos to be. I slowly add them to the hot oil.
watching for them to brown and then turn them over.
I drain them on paper towels
While the dough is proofing I start my ground beef cooking with garlic, salt, pepper and salsa.
When it is done I add a large can or refried beans.

You can use what ever you would like for toppings.
Just like you do a regular taco.
~CHEESE is a must!
~Sour Cream
What Ever You Would Like.


Lene said...

yum yum yum

Jenny said...

My son loves these. Are you just using a standard bread yeast dough for this? I've never tried making them.