Friday, October 17, 2008


Leaving the SLC Airport
Our daughter Kira is serving in Argentina, and we hear from her via a Monday email.Today, I got a letter! I think MAYBE she is getting excited to come home too.
She says she is getting nervous about coming home. I am sure she is!


The Calls said...

What a cutie! Wow, 6 more months!

Mindy H. said...

I remember those mixed feelings about moving on to post mission was a weird combo of excitement and terror.

I can't wait for Kira to get home. Some days it feels like she has been gone forever. I hope the people in Argentina know how lucky they are to have her there.

Jan said...

Cute picture of you two. I can't wait to see the return. She seems fab.

Lene said...

I can't believe she only has 6 months left. CRAZY!

So when in May are you coming down here?!?

Mimi Sue said...

It's always so good when they come home all mature and spiritual. I love it. Mimi

Karlenn said...

What a cute daughter you have! And how proud of her you must be. Me, nor any of my sisters, served just didn't feel right to any of us.