Monday, October 20, 2008

Priceless Photo

Ro and girls getting ready to fish
Can you believe this picture was taken 1 week after our snow storm???!!! Yep, it is fall in Idaho!
For those questioning minds that want to know...Yes, this is in our backyard.


linda said...

What a gorgeous picture! Don't even tell me that is in your backyard...if you do, I might just have to slap ya!

Just know I'd never slap dear friends!! But you know I want that view in my backyard soooo bad!

Karlenn said...

Yeah, I've got to know if that is your backyard!! What a gorgeous picture. Yeah, Idaho autumns are soooo weird. We were sweating all weekend, after all my flowers got frozen outside. :) I need to plant my daffodils before the next frost hits.

Janiece said...
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Lene said...

ooooohhhhhh. I really wish I could come visit. But without the threat of snow

Bren's Life said...

Are you kidding me! Ok- I still wouldn't take it with what winters are like. I would have to be a snow bird & live here in winter & there the rest of the yr.. I loved the fall there.