Friday, October 31, 2008

Not A Morning Person

I really am not a morning person, maybe because I stay up LATE, but after seeing this I might have to become one. 7:30am MST
Isn't that AMAZING. I am always in awe of sunsets, they make me feel a special peace, but this was beyond beauty. Our Father in Heaven sure has an eye for color.


Lene said...

That is really beautiful.

I am amazed that you were up and you could actually use your camera. Way to go.

So when does your company get there?

Mindy H. said...

When I see beautiful things like that I also remind me to thank Heavenly Father for all of the special things He does to show that he loves us...but this is so very beautiful that I have to assume Heavenly Mother had a hand in it as well :)

Karlenn said...

Beautiful. There is nothing more beautiful than Idaho sunrises and sunsets. I "get" to see the sun rise every day when I get up at the buttcrack of dawn to get Sadie ready for school. It's the only happiness I have at six in the morning - the sunrise.