Monday, October 6, 2008

Church and Acronyms

My son's a CTR ... My husband go to PEC. I work for CES....I study the TG. I read the
Bof M .... I probe the D&C.I search the KJV ... I ponder the JST.Today in BYC ... we planned for EFY. I stayed a little after ... and had a PPI.The YM and YW ... are putting on a play. It's one that I remember ...we did in MIA. Before our oldest son ...went in the MTC, He helped the BSA .... complete their SME. Soon our oldest daughter ... is heading for the Y. Soon our oldest clothing ...will be going to the DI. Now, if you've understood ... this alphabetic mess, The chances are quite good ... that you are LDS. By Lawrence Heywood
For those of our friends who are totally confused by all the silly acronyms... We have silly phrases Stake House...and Conference Weekend.

This past weekend Oct. 4th and 5th was the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS, Mormons) General Conference it is held in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Though now it is broadcasted to homes, stake houses (no there are not any menus) and now on the internet. This is a time of great excitement, because of the gospel being RESTORED to the earth.
After the death & resurection of Christ, and the death of the 12 apostles, the teachings of Christ became distorted and ushered in "Dark Ages". When Christ was upon the earth he established his church with prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelists. We too now have a prophet to lead us and 12 apostles! How wonderful it is to be able to hear their council to us as a world, ALL OF US, as children of our Father in heaven, as those who know that Christ is our Savior and the only way back to the Father.

So, back to Conference Weekend we get to listen to these leaders teach and guide us.,6353,310-1,00.html
You can listen too, in a bunch of different languages.
I have a testimony, that Thomas S. Monson is The Prophet of God, holding all the keys to this time upon the earth. He is as the Prophets of old, he is here to lead us. He will guide us to prepare for the coming of Christ again to the earth.
What did I learn from conference this weekend...
Be HAPPY! Laugh! Prepare! Be United! There ARE Angels Among Us!
But, the most important testimony grew...I know that Jesus Christ knows me, he is my Savior, He loves me, and I am blessed beyond words.


Jan said...

My testimony grew too. I had the reaffirming witness of the Pres. Monson too. I loved his talked on changes.

I enjoyed so many talks. The most notes I have ever took before. I was drawn into every word. I was feasting and it felt so good. Lovely post and it was fun seeing your temple too. Looked like a great dedication.

Janna said...

I also like the part when he talked about having dirty laundry. With 5 kids it never stops. I also enjoy Brother Worthlin's talk about the autistic boy on Sat. (my oldest is disabled)

Bren's Life said...

I loved conference this past weekend. I loved the talks & being lifted..

Liz said...

I really enjoyed Russel M Nelsons comparison between Shopping and Marriage and the differences between high quality, bargains, and shop lifting!

Karlenn said...

That is a funny poem! I'll have to steal it and put it on my blog. I wish I could say I got more out of conference. What I got out of conference: My kids are loud and annoying. And I am very, very tired. :) I need to read them online now.