Sunday, October 26, 2008

Would the Real Josh PLEASE stand up!

Let me introduce you to my oldest child, Josh. These are the things you would expect to see him doing...

Sparing with his younger brother Derek. Doing advancement testings and presenting new ranks to his Taekwondo students.Competing in tournaments

Playing on his computer

Going to church meetings

and he isn't afraid to let his friends give him "silly" nick-names
Josh has a great group of people he has started to do stuff with and I have to say I am LOVING seeing the side of him, we always see at home, NOW being shared with other people. He is so darn funny and loves to just set and laugh. I swear he can quote all of Princess Bride and pretty much any of the "Office" tv show. He takes his responsibilities seriously and is a real gentleman

And now I see he is turning GQ on us too!

I guess I should not be surprised when I ask him how his day was...this is the answer I get...


Lene said...

Oh has he seen that yet!

I love Josh. He is my favorite nephew named Josh - by far! So glad to see him having more fun.

countrygirl3031 said...

He is tooo cute...wish you lived closer...maybe we could pair him and Cassie up!!!


linda said...

Hey Michele had the same idea I had...I have an adorable 20 year old that is available.

So glad he has a great group of friends. As parents, it's so fun for us to see our kids happy and flourishing. He's a doll Janiece!

Mindy H. said...

Josh really is an amazing should be very, very proud. It was fun seeing all of the different sides of him on this post and I am happy to say that I have seen most of the many-Joshes in action over the past two years. When he informed me yesterday that he was no longer my home teacher I wanted to hit somebody (not Josh, of course, but the somebody who changed the home teaching routes. I am going to have to lodge a formal complaint at FHE tonight.

Karlenn said...

What a cutie pie! It's great when kids have good friends to hang out with. He seems really fun; I can't wait to see how my kids are at that age.